Observation paragraphs

Adorable, smart, self-confident and sensible. That is how I describe my girlfriend. You may think that all the boyfriends will think their another-parts that way; but it is actually what my girlfriend is like. The uniqueness of common differs her from others, and makes herself so lovable.

She is tall, with a thin figure and a straight long hair in a brown color. She has an alabaster skin, the soft and smooth kind. I always like to rub my beard on her back of the hand, just like the uncles usually did to me when I was a child, to make an itch feeling. She has beautiful eyes, charming and large, and she often compares hers with mine in a proud, and concludes that my eyes are so small that always looked sleepy. Every time after hearing this I will give her a gentle kiss, who then will response in a way of looking at me straightly with her charismatic eyes. She likes to wear lovely clothes, most in a bright color. She says those clothes can make her look young. She scares of growing up.

It seems she has an inner power resisting being mature, which certainly not only embody on her style of dressing, but the characteristic as well. Sometimes she is stubborn: once deciding or choosing something, she will finish or get it in whatever it takes; and usually whether it is intelligent or not, she could hardly accept others’ opinion. Sometimes she is girlish: she likes collecting all kinds of cute things, such as lovely small boxes or dressing bags. Once she even asked me to go with her to IKEA just to but a bowl which she saw on the brochure, though IKEA takes one-and-half hour’s journey from our school. Sometimes she is also childish: she is the baby-little-girl in her family. Her parents take care of her in every miner point; no wonder she is a little spoiled. She could say or do some thing weird or stupid, at least in my mode of thinking; she could also possibly misunderstand what I am talking about or even make me think maybe we have a generation gap. But all of these don’t matter at all. I think I like her behaving in this way, for that makes whom she is, and makes why I’m in of her.

Of course not all in her characteristic are of girlishness; you could also find matureness on her. She is so smart, that I can’t lie to her, not even try. I like her steady. Every time she faces a tough problem, she will do whatever she can to make herself calm down, sometimes for several minutes, sometimes much longer, to make a final decision, of which she will never regret, even if it may be wrong. Moreover, she is self-confident, which I think is the most valuable advantage of her. I remember a famous saying goes like this: a woman of self-confidence is the woman most beautiful. That is actually what I can find on her. She always says to me, that even if you have no confidence with any others, you can’t lose confidence of your own. This is so meaningful and educative to me.

This is her, my common and unique girlfriend, common to you, yet special for me. Don’t you like her?

changed March 30, 2008